Scott Breneman Missing: Last Seen in the Area of Beach and Talbert

Scott Breneman, a resident of Newport Beach, California, has been reported missing, leaving his family and friends deeply concerned for his well-being. The Newport Beach Police Department has initiated a search, seeking the community’s assistance in locating him.

Scott Breneman Missing:

Scott Breneman, a resident of Newport Beach, California, was last seen on January 7th in the area of Beach and Talbert at around 3:00 p.m. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain unclear. According to reports from the Newport Beach Police Department, his disappearance has prompted a coordinated effort to locate him and ensure his safe return to his family.

Family’s Plea for Help:

Kathie Breneman, presumably a family member, has taken to social media, specifically Facebook, to share the news of Scott’s disappearance.

Community Response:

The Newport Beach community has responded with solidarity and concern, sharing the information across various platforms. The widespread dissemination of Scott’s story is vital in generating awareness and increasing the likelihood of someone coming forward with valuable information. The support of the community is crucial in aiding law enforcement’s efforts to locate Scott.

Contact Information:

Authorities and the Breneman family are urging anyone with information regarding Scott’s whereabouts to come forward. Two contact numbers have been provided for this purpose: 858-232-2027 and 949-887-1926. These hotlines are crucial lifelines for those who may have seen Scott on that fateful day or have any details that could assist in the investigation.

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