Rich Kelley, An Assistant Fire Chief of the Undine Fire Company, Died

Rich Kelley, a respected figure in the emergency services community, tragically passed away on the evening of February 8, 2024, leaving behind a profound void in the hearts of his loved ones and colleagues. As the Chief of EMS for Mount Nittany Health, Assistant Fire Chief of the Undine Fire Company of Bellefonte, and a dedicated member of the Howard Fire Company, Rich was an integral part of Centre County’s emergency response network.

Known for his unwavering positivity and unwavering dedication to his work, Rich touched the lives of many with his kind demeanour and tireless efforts in the field of emergency medical services. He was not only a skilled practitioner but also a friend to all who crossed his path.

Rich’s impact extended beyond his daily duties. He played a pivotal role in the training of new emergency responders through the 9-1-1 training programme. His willingness to share his knowledge and expertise was evident as he guided new hires through facility tours of the Emergency Department at Mount Nittany Health, providing invaluable insights into their roles as paramedics within the county.

The news of Rich’s sudden passing has sent shockwaves throughout the emergency services community, leaving behind a deep sense of sorrow and disbelief. As details surrounding the exact cause of his death remain unclear, his absence leaves a void that will be difficult to fill.

In this time of grief, our thoughts and prayers are with Rich’s family, friends, and colleagues as they navigate through this difficult period. His legacy as a compassionate carer and dedicated public servant will continue to inspire those who have had the privilege of knowing him. Rich Kelley’s contributions to the emergency services community will forever be remembered and cherished.

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