Lisney Juliana Gómez, a popular social media influencer, found dead in her newly rented home

In a shocking turn of events, the vibrant and popular social media influencer, Lisney Juliana Gómez, known as Yaya Gómez, was found dead in her newly rented home in Santa Marta, Colombia. The 28-year-old, who had garnered a substantial following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, leaves behind a two-year-old son. The incident has sent shockwaves through her online community and raised questions about the safety and security of individuals, even those with a significant online presence.

The Incident: Lisney Juliana Gómez Died

The tragedy unfolded after Gómez’s ex-boyfriend, Mario Bastidas, visited her at the rented apartment the night before the incident. Reports suggest that the evening took a dark turn, with neighbours reportedly hearing screams and blows emanating from the apartment. Despite the distressing sounds, neighbours chose not to intervene, a decision that has sparked debates about the role of bystanders in potential emergencies.

The Suspect:

Mario Bastidas, Gómez’s ex-boyfriend, emerged as the main suspect in this harrowing crime. He was present in the apartment at the time of the incident and is believed to have been involved in a heated argument with Gómez. Following the tragic event, Bastidas went on the run, adding an element of suspense to the case. However, he later surrendered himself to the police, admitting his involvement in the crime. Bastidas revealed that the murder occurred in the midst of a heated argument, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

The Suspect: Mario Bastidas

Community Response:

The untimely demise of Yaya Gómez has triggered an outpouring of grief and condolences from her online community. Fans and fellow influencers alike are grappling with the loss of a vibrant and influential personality. The incident has also ignited discussions about the potential dangers that individuals, especially those in the public eye, may face in their personal lives.

Legal Implications:

As the investigation unfolds, the legal system in Colombia will play a crucial role in determining the course of justice. Mario Bastidas’s admission of guilt provides a clear narrative for law enforcement, but the legal proceedings will delve into the details surrounding the incident, examining motives and potential factors that may have led to the tragic outcome.

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