Karly Akehurst, A Former Player for Haywards Heath Town FC, Passed Away

Karly Akehurst, a former player for Haywards Heath Town FC, passed away on January 17, 2024. The untimely passing of this Brighton-born talent has not only left a void in the hearts of his family and friends but has also cast a somber shadow over the broader football fraternity, where he was revered as a true legend.

Akehurst’s football journey was highlighted by his contributions to Whitehawk FC, where he served as a former player. The talented athlete showcased his prowess on the field, scoring an impressive 31 goals in 145 appearances for the Blues. His dedication and boundless energy played a pivotal role in the club’s ascent, endearing him to both teammates and supporters alike.

As news of Karly Akehurst’s passing circulated, the football community found itself in a state of shock and sorrow. The exact cause of his death remains shrouded in uncertainty, with some reports hinting at an illness. However, official confirmation regarding the circumstances leading to his demise is still pending.

Whitehawk FC, the club that Akehurst passionately represented, took to social media to express their grief. In a heartfelt post on their Facebook page, the club paid tribute to the fallen player, reflecting on the indelible mark he left on the team and the broader football community.

In the wake of Karly Akehurst’s passing, family, friends, and fans find themselves united in mourning, cherishing the memories of a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark on the football landscape. As the football community collectively reflects on the legacy of this talented player, his absence serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring bonds forged through the beautiful game.

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