John Skipworth Died: A Beloved Lead Pastor at Oaks Church

John Skipworth, a resident of Monroe, Louisiana, passed away suddenly on Monday morning, January 29, 2024. His departure left his family and friends engulfed in grief.

John pursued his education at Global University, setting the stage for a life dedicated to service and leadership. His role as the former lead pastor at Rochester Assembly and operating partner in entrepreneurship, sales, investments, and real estate reflected a diverse and impactful career. Additionally, he served as a lead pastor at Oaks Church, leaving an indelible mark on the congregants he shepherded.

John cherished his role as a loving father to three remarkable children. His commitment to family values shone through in the way he navigated both his personal and professional life. The impact of his life and ministry rippled through the lives of many, touching them in profound and lasting ways.

The sudden and unexpected nature of John Skipworth‘s passing has cast a shadow of sadness over his family and friends. As the community mourns, details surrounding the exact cause of his death remain unclear at this time. The public eagerly awaits further updates, hoping for clarity regarding the circumstances that led to this untimely loss.

Brooke Hibbard Skipworth, presumably a close family member, took to Facebook to share a heartfelt tribute post, offering a glimpse into the deep emotions and memories that defined their relationship.

Such expressions of love and grief from those close to John illustrate the impact he had on the lives of those around him.

In this time of mourning, the community stands united, seeking solace and strength in each other. As the story of John Skipworth’s life unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the fragile nature of our existence and the enduring legacy that individuals leave behind in the hearts and minds of those they touch.

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