Dajuan Gee, a prominent drag queen from Richmond County, passed away

In a sudden and tragic turn of events, the vibrant city of Richmond, Virginia, lost one of its beloved personalities on January 7, 2024. Dajuan Gee, famously known as Millennium C. Snow, a prominent drag queen from Richmond County, unexpectedly passed away, leaving a profound sense of grief among friends, family, and the community.

Dajuan Gee: Early Life and Rise to Fame

Dajuan Gee’s journey began at Dinwiddie High School, where he laid the foundation for his future endeavours. Later, he pursued his education at Richard Bland College of William & Mary, showcasing a dedication to both academic and artistic pursuits. It was during this time that Gee embraced the world of drag, performing under the dazzling persona of “Millennium C. Snow.”

Artistic Contributions:

Gee’s artistic flair shone brightly during the alley party following the Carytown Pride Parade. As Millennium C. Snow, he captivated audiences with extravagant costumes, including a remarkable pink rendition of the alien opera singer’s outfit from the iconic science fiction film “The Fifth Element” (1997). Not just a performer, Gee was also a skilled sewing enthusiast, creating impressive costumes such as a ten-foot-long snake ensemble and a version of Katy Perry’s extraterrestrial attire from the “E.T.” music video.

Mourning a Loss:

The news of Gee’s sudden demise has left family, friends, and loved ones in deep sorrow. At the time of this writing, the cause of death remains undisclosed to the public, amplifying the sense of loss within the community. Cornelius Leonard, a close associate, confirmed Gee’s passing through a heartfelt tribute on Facebook.

Image Source: On Facebook: Cornelius Leonard

Tributes and Reflections:

The outpouring of grief is palpable through heartfelt tributes on social media. Brendan Mulligan expressed his sadness, reminiscing about the genuine personality and guided humour of Dajuan Gee.

Similarly, Bianca Blake Starr struggled to bid farewell, acknowledging the real love and solid friendship they shared.

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