Chuck Chin Died From Heart Attack: A beloved community member in Prince George

Chuck Chin, a local photographer and beloved community member who lives in Prince George, British Columbia, passed away at the age of 73 from a heart attack on Saturday. Chuck has left behind a legacy of warmth and smiles that touched the hearts of his family and friends. His kind and cheerful nature endeared him to all, making his absence deeply felt in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

Chuck Chin: A Decade of Community Photography

Chuck Chin was a photographer for a popular Facebook page called Hell Yeah Prince George. For about the past ten years, he took pictures at almost every community event and shared them on his own Facebook page too. Chuck embodied a passion for sports and community; at every hockey game, community event, or nature walk, Chuck would be there with his joyful presence and, of course, his camera. In 2019, the Foundation recognised Chuck as the Citizen of the Year, and he accepted this honour with true humility.

Chuck retired from his position as an operating engineer at the Intercon Pulp Mill steam plant at the age of 55, Chuck dedicated his post-retirement years to his true passion: community photography

A Sudden Goodbye:

The news of Chuck Chin’s passing sent shockwaves through the community. He reportedly suffered a heart attack while performing a seemingly routine task—shoveling snow on a Saturday. The sudden and unexpected nature of his departure has left family, friends, and the entire community grappling with the loss of a cherished individual.

Tributes Pour In

The impact of Chuck’s presence in Prince George is evident in the outpouring of tributes from various quarters. 99.3 Rewind Radio, a local radio station, shared a heartfelt tribute post on their Facebook page, reflecting the sentiment of many who appreciated Chuck’s dedication to documenting and celebrating the life of the community.


Chuck Chin’s legacy in Prince George is not just in the photographs he captured but in the joy, kindness, and humility he brought to every interaction. As the community mourns the loss of this remarkable individual, they also celebrate the vibrant tapestry of moments he leaves behind through his lens. Chuck Chin’s contribution to Hell Yeah Prince George and the broader community is a testament to the profound impact that a passionate and dedicated individual can have on the collective spirit of a town.

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