Kodey Dunn Died In A Tragic Shooting Incident in Amarillo, Texas

Kodey Dunn

A shocking incident unfolded on Tuesday, Feb. 13, in Amarillo, Texas, as a shooting near S. Virginia and Mays claimed the life of 27-year-old Kodey Dunn. The tragedy left two others wounded, shedding light on the complexities and consequences of domestic disputes escalating to violence. The Incident: Kodey Dunn Died According to officials from the … Read more

Travi Seeds Died in a Tragic Car Accident: What Happened?

Travi Seeds

Travi Seeds, a beloved figure from Sanford, Florida, passed away in a tragic car accident, leaving a void in the hearts of those who cherished him. Travi Seeds, known for his multifaceted talents as a DJ, producer, and artist, was an integral part of the West End Trading Co. community. Simultaneously pursuing his education at … Read more

Firefighter Ethan Hedrick died in a vehicle Collision

Ethan Hedrick

Ethan Hedrick, a dedicated young firefighter and cherished member of the tight-knit community in Murphy, North Carolina, tragically passed away in a vehicle collision, leaving the tight-knit community of Hiwassee Dam and, most profoundly, his grieving family in mourning. Ethan’s journey with the Hiwassee Dam Fire Department began at a young age, when he joined … Read more